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Provide Styling Tips and Techniques

How should I put on a tie? Or mix and match the right jackets with my shirt and pants?

What should I do if I accidentally lose a button from my new blouse?

Trivial though these questions seem, they do represent the real-life dilemmas faced by millions of ordinary folks every day of their lives. Strangely though, few of the fashion or apparel brands make an attempt to help their customers here.

This is why brands like Trunk Club is killing it online. Their blog provides useful tips for men to dress smartly, from how you can find the perfect dress shirt, to the six essential clothing pieces you need in your wardrobe.

Shine Your Spotlight on Customers

This is probably one of the oldest ideas in the book. Unfortunately, very few fashion brands do it tastefully.

Now why should you feature your customers? Easy…

  1. It allows your target audiences to see how your clothes, shoes or accessories look on an ordinary person.
  2. It helps you to build stronger relationships with your customer community.
  3. It relieves you of the effort of continually creating original content!

There are two brands which does it well.

The first is Converse. On their Facebook page, they regularly feature their customers wearing their iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers, complete with the original photographer’s caption and username.

What takes the cake is how they include a “Shop now” link so that potential customers can get right to that product page!